MonkeyKing’s  5 easy steps to buying crypto currency:

1.) Get a bitcoin wallet. We recommend Blockchain wallet and Breadwallet for your phone and Exodus wallet or electrum wallet for your computer.

2.) Purchase your coins. We recommend using  to purchase your bitcoins. They have a vast amount of payment options to choose from and many of the options are 100% anonymous. There is an easy tutorial video on how to buy from the local bitcoin website above.

3.) transfer your bitcoins from your local bitcoin wallet to the wallet you have downloaded.

4.) scan the easy to use QR code that is provided for you at check out.

***If you did not buy your bitcoins with an anonymous payment method then you always have the option of trading your bitcoin for a different crypto currency to 100% fully protect you. You can decide which other crypto you would like to trade it for and download a wallet for that currency from your App Store and use  to painlessly trade the bitcoin for another crypto